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Northern Hot Tubs was formed to provide you, our fellow Canadian friends and neighbours with an affordable and enjoyable luxury backyard experience that we understand and you deserve. We were born in the North, grew up there, and still live and love the North. We know Canada - harsh winters, sure, but happy summers and hot tub customers too! That’s why we build our hot tubs to withstand a climate that we know - so you can weather the snow and relax comfortably with rejuvenating hydrotherapy for many years.


Northern Hot Tubs exude quality, comfort, energy efficiency and ease of use, and they are manufactured with Canadians in mind. Get a Northern Hot Tub shipped directly to you anywhere in Canada, or work with a local, expert hot tub Dealer Partner from purchase to delivery & set up.

Our hot tubs for sale are designed to maintain their set temperature efficiently, so it is always ready and waiting for you. Operating a Northern Hot Tub is easy using the keypad or a smartphone. While adjusting the temperature on a hot tub helps beat the summer heat, a few moments in life come close to the sheer pleasure of being surrounded by warm, bubbling hot water on a crisp, cold night. So, do not worry about the weather outside, the sun going down, or the seasons changing. A Northern Hot Tub is always year-round fun and a wonderful experience.


Our hot tubs for sale in Canada will provide you with the best 2 person hot tub, six-person, eight-person and 4 person hot tub options available in the business and with the added convenience of buying direct or buying from a local dealer; it could not be easier!

well-built hot tubs


Take a look under the hood of a Northern Hot Tub, and you will find a well-built hot tub that starts with a 304 stainless steel frame to support the hot tub shell and is designed to last a lifetime. The hot tub surface is vacuum-formed using premium acrylic, and a special two-stage fibreglass backing is applied to create a virtually indestructible hot tub shell. The hot tub's bottom is encapsulated with an insulated and weathertight base to keep the cold and critters out. A five-layer insulation system retains the heat, and the hot tub sides are finished with an attractive, maintenance-free synthetic cabinet.


Northern Hot Tubs strives to provide you with a reliable hot tub with all the necessary equipment while not overcomplicating the product. You will find long-lasting underwater LED mood and safety lighting and LED-illuminated cup holders to help you locate them after dark. An ozone water purifier assists with keeping the hot tub water clean and clear, and our 6 person hot tub packages include a generous number of hydrotherapy jets that are carefully positioned to give you a satisfying massage. A premium Nordic hot tub cover tops it off for the best in energy efficiency, safety, and security. 

well-equipped hot tubs
wifi enabled hot tubs


Your Northern Hot Tub connects to the internet using your home router and a built-in WiFi connectivity module. Download the app on your iOS or Android smartphone and conveniently monitor vital hot tub functions, including heat, circulation, schedules, and more. If you need your hot tub serviced or repaired, you can give your hot tub company access to your hot tub diagnostic features to help them troubleshoot and be better equipped to serve you. WiFi connectivity is beneficial if your hot tub is installed at a vacation property or in a remote area where you are unable to check on it often. 


A hot tub is meant to help you unwind and relax and should not add stress to your life. That is why we only offer hot tubs for sale that are easy to take care of by installing a practical top and bottom water filtration system. We have also developed a simple hot tub water maintenance schedule to help take the guesswork out of hot tub ownership, and you will be hard-pressed to find troublesome gizmos and gadgets that are prone to failure & add little to no value to your hot tub experience. Our simple one-page guarantee ensures that things are professionally taken care of should you require them.

straightforward hot tubs
all inclusive hot tubs


Many hot tub dealers price and package their products for their sales team to close more deals at higher prices. At Northern Hot Tubs, all of our hot tubs for sale are all-inclusive packages, and there are no hot tub options, extended warranties, mark-it-up and mark-it-down tricks or sales games. You get everything available on the hot tub as one simple-to-understand package with hot tub financing available. A limited number of accessories are available such as entry steps and cover lifters. Your Northern Hot Tubs dealer will help you choose these items based on individual installation scenarios and needs. 


We strive to bring you high-quality hot tubs, up to 8 person hot tubs in size, at a sensible price, so you don't have to break the bank to unwind and relax in hot water. We do this by sourcing products with industry-leading American-made electronics, acrylic, resins, polymers, and other mission-critical components. We then contract a high-quality, high-volume OEM factory in China to produce the hot tubs to our stringent standards. The hot tubs for sale are shipped by the container load directly from the factory to our Canada distribution center or dealer's location and then to your home saving you thousands of dollars.  

Sensibly Priced hot tubs


Warm water massage stimulates the body to release endorphins that can reduce stress, and Northern Hot Tubs hydrotherapy jets also dilate blood vessels to help prevent headaches.


Visit one of our authorized dealers for expert hot tub product sales and installation services. Our authorized hot tub dealers are factory trained and know their way around hot tubs to ensure your satisfaction. 

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If you are looking for a hot tub, it will serve you well to research Northern Hot Tubs and buy directly from our Canada Distribution Centre or, better yet, from one of our ever-expanding network of authorized dealers. Customers looking for hot tubs in Owen Soundhot tubs in Barrie or even hot tubs in Toronto have the added benefit of being close to our warehouse. We directly sell, install and service hot tubs for sale in these communities. We also directly sell, install and service Northern Hot Tubs in Thornbury and The Blue Mountains. If you dream of owning a hot tub in Meaford, you are in luck because we are in town beside the new fire station! So no matter if you are looking for hot anywhere in Canada, plan to check our premium hot tubs, plug-and-play hot tubs and inflatable hot tubs before you buy. We are confident that our well-built, well-equipped, wi-fi enabled, straightforward, all-inclusive hot tubs will exceed your expectations. Our sensible pricing will delight you, and local customers are invited to contact us for a free, no-obligation, in-home consultation today!

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