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Northern Hot Tubs


94 Veterans Drive unit 12, Barrie, ON, Canada

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It's well known to many that Barrie offers residents a high standard of living, and buying a hot tub in Barrie is on the top of many homeowners' lists. With so many hot tub choices, where does one start? To begin with, a hot tub installed in Barrie will be exposed to harsh winter weather, including sub-zero temperatures and much snow. Northern Hot Tubs are very well-built and are made for Canada. Our premium series hot tubs are built on a stainless-steel frame with a weathertight and critter-proof base. It has five layers of insulation to keep the heat and energy costs down. You'll be happy to know that the Canadian head office for Northern Hot Tubs is in nearby Meaford, so if there is a need for parts or service, it is quick and easy. We also use Barrie-based hot tub service technicians should the need ever arise. Do your homework and shop around at the numerous choices available. Then dare to compare Northern Hot Tubs against the competition, and you will find one of the best-built plug and play hot tubs in the business with an all-inclusive package at a price that can't be beaten.


Northern Hot Tubs has been helping hot tub shoppers in Barrie and across the land improve their lives by providing an outstanding product backed by prompt and efficient after-sale service. If you are looking for a hot tub in Collingwood, we have a location to conveniently serve you. Drop us an email and give us a call for a free in-home consultation. We will visit your home in Barrie or surrounding areas and review the ten critical considerations when creating the perfect hot tub centre in your backyard. The last thing you want to do is install your new hot tub to determine afterwards that there isn’t enough clearance for the cover lifter or that the gravity drain ports are covered. If you are working with a local landscape design company, we are happy to provide them with specifications and dimensions. We will also share our opinion based on the ten critical considerations in hopes that you create the ultimate hot tub paradise.  


When selecting your new hot tub, one of the first questions we ask is, “how many people will be using the hot tub 90% of the time”. The answer to that question should be the determining factor in choosing a hot tub size and model. Two people are the most common answer to that question in the Barrie market. This is why our Georgian 4 person hot tub is the best seller. It is very comfortable for 4 adults but can accommodate 6 when required. We do not believe in trying to sell larger hot tubs for the benefit of our profits. Instead, our goal is to provide you with a reliable, fully-featured hot tub that will stand up to the weather in Barrie while making you happy and enhancing your life. We are serious about building our brand and reputation. To do this, we provide professional consultation services and strive to earn a five-star review upon completing the hot tub project. Barrie is said to be the premier waterfront community in Canada and this is especially true with the installation of a hot tub at your home or cottage! 

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