106" x 86"




As we know it today, sitting in a hot tub has been around for centuries, with modern-day hot tubs inspired by US servicemen stationed in Japan. Heath and wellbeing by sitting in hot water is part of Japanese culture, and the idea landed in California in the 1960s. The Japanese tub was not an 8 person hot tub, but it served its purpose for two people.

It was a perfect fusion between the swimming pool industry and creating hot water that brought the 8 person hot tubs to life. Instead of a just swimming pool, a hot tub became an option for the first time, and the notion to party in an 8 person hot tub was born. Swimming pool companies created 8 person hot tub shells, and their dealers plumbed and fitted them with heaters, pumps and filters. The rich and the famous placed thousands of orders, which formed the hot tub business as we know it today.

Extra-large 8 person hot tubs are the pinnacle of unlimited hot tub ownership and offer the highest bather load possible. If you have an extra-large family or your home is party central, an 8 person hot tub may be the perfect choice for you. Keep in mind the larger the hot tub, the more it takes to heat and maintain. If maintenance and heating costs are of no concern, then by all means, do not let us dissuade you from buying the largest hot tub segment available.

Our Northern 8 person hot tubs are well-built and engineered to withstand the harsh Canadian climate. They are well insulated and well equipped. State-of-the-art electronics keep your 8 person hot tub at your desired standby temperature and when you're ready for your big party or personal hot tub session. You can turn up the heat or control all of your hot tub functions using our iOS or Android app. If you need to sit more people in your 8 person hot tub, you may be able to do so with the understanding that the maximum number of seats is eight, and if you want to sit more, you need to be aware that others will be sitting close or on top of you.