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  • Do your hot tubs ever go on sale?
    We strive to bring you the highest quality, fully featured hot tub on the market. Our no-nonsense, haggle-free, sensible hot tub pricing approach means that you are always getting the best price possible, and there is no need to wait for a sale.
  • How much do hot tubs cost?
    Hot tubs are typically classified into inflatable, plug and play, and premium categories. Inflatable hot tubs are just that. They blow up like an inflatable pool. There are no seats (you sit on the ground) and they have a basic 120V power pack that includes the jet, pump, filter and heater. Inflatable hot tubs cost between $800 and $1500. Plug and play hot tubs are roto mould hot tubs with basic features and hydrotherapy. They usually operate on a 120V plug-in service, costing between $5000 and $8000. Premium hot tubs are very well-built and very well-equipped. They also connect to the internet for convenience and service alerts. They require a dedicated 220V service to operate and stand the test of time. A premium hot tub will cost between $10,000 to $20,000. Northern Hot Tubs specializes in premium 2 person, 4 person, 6 person hot tubs and 8 person hot tubs made for Canada.
  • Where are your hot tubs made?
    Northern Hot Tubs are designed in Sudbury and Meaford, Ontario Canada. The hot tubs are made in China and the United States and are shipped by the container load directly to one of many Canadian regional warehouses while saving you thousands of dollars.
  • How much is hot tub installation?
    There technically is nothing to install as our hot tubs come fully assembled. The hot tub requires a flat-level base & dedicated electrical service. Most dealers provide base installation services. A certified electrician must perform the electrical service. Once the base and electrical service are complete, your dealer offers VIP delivery & set-up service including: (1) Delivery to the home (2) Transfer hot tub to the prepared base (3) Assembly of step (4) Assembly of cover lifter (5) Coordinate electrical connection (6) Fill, run and test (7) Hot tub operation orientation (8) Assist with connecting hot tub to Wi-Fi and smartphone (9) Provide water care instructions (10 Neatly bag packaging for customer disposal. The white glove delivery & set up fee is $500 to $750 for fully accessible, ground-level access. Should the backyard not be accessible, requiring a crane, or if the hot tub needs to be placed on an elevated surface such as a second-story deck, additional charges will apply.
  • Do you provide installation advice?
    Northern Hot Tub dealers are happy to visit customers within a reasonable distance for a free, no-obligation in-home consultation to provide expert advice in the following key areas (1) Convenience to the home (2) Privacy (3) Wind exposure (4) Step placement (5) Cover lifter clearance and operation (6) Panel removal for serviceability (7) Access to the drain fittings (8) Elevated deck construction requirements (9) Base material and size recommendations (10) Hot tub primary seat orientation. Hot tub owners who seek professional advice and install their hot tubs correctly tend to use them more and make them a part of their daily wellness lifestyle so be sure to take advantage of this valuable service.
  • How do I maintain a hot tub?
    Northern Hot Tubs are well-equipped and include an electronic water purification system. The hot tub water passes through a mixing chamber where pressurized ozone gas is mixed with the hot tub water to kill germs and bacteria. In addition to this, your Northern Hot Tubs dealer will start you on an easy-to-follow, step-by-step water care program that will ensure that you always have safe, clean, and hot bubbly water to enjoy. Taking care of a Northern Hot Tub is easy and convenient and only requires a few minutes a week to maintain.
  • Who do I call for hot tub service?
    Should you require service for your Northern Hot Tub, we recommend calling your local Northern Hot Tubs dealer. Our dealers have the technical resources and access to original parts to ensure that your Northern Hot Tub is repaired to factory specifications.
  • What is your hot tub warranty?
    Our hot tubs are covered by a ten-year structural, five-year surface, three-year electronic, two-year plumbing and one-year cover guarantee. The Northern Hot Tubs Guarantee includes no fine print and has complete coverage for peace of mind. You can download a copy of our full guarantee document by navigating to the Owners Support page and clicking on Download Guarantee Document.
  • Can I put it on my existing deck?
    If you have an existing wood deck, you may be able to place a Northern Hot Tub on it without alteration, dependent upon how it is constructed. The minimum deck construction should be 2” x 8” joists with a span of no more than 8’ on 16” centers. If the deck is elevated, it is essential to evaluate how it is affixed to the home. In most cases, if the existing wood deck does not meet the minimum specifications, it can be modified, so it does. If you are unsure, please consult your local Northern Hot Tubs dealer and always be sure to reference local building codes and have your work inspected and approved by your local building department.
  • Should I turn down the heat?
    Your Northern Hot Tub is very energy-efficient and is ready when you are. Reducing the temperature and increasing it before using the hot tub can be inconvenient while saving little energy. We recommend setting and forgetting the temperature unless you are away for extended periods. The Wi-Fi system allows you to view the current temperature when away. If you are headed back to your home or vacation property and want to increase the temperature, you can conveniently do so on your iOS or Android smartphone!
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