80" x 80"


1. INSTALLATION: The first benefit to plug and play hot tubs is the obvious one where its name is derived. They simply plug directly into your standard 120-volt outlets, allowing you to skip the extra step of having to hire a costly electrician for larger, premium 240v portable hot tubs. There’s no need to schedule a hot tub installation and then schedule an electrician as well. It’s less waiting and less cost. You won’t need to run a dedicated long, thick extra wire from the special 50-amp circuit breaker that you will need to buy all the way to your hot tub. And if your breaker panel is small or you are using solar panels - plug and play hot tubs are perfect for homes like that. All this convenience means you will be in your hot tub the day you get it, simply by plugging it in and filling it up.

2. COST: The cost for a well-built, plug and play hot tub designed for our Canadian climate is a 4-digit number NOT a 5-digit number which is like having another car payment. In fact, if you check out our affordable monthly payment plans you will see that owning a plug and play hot tub from Northern Hot Tubs is comparable to what you might already be paying for family leisure and entertainment expenses including television, club memberships and cell phones. There’s no denying that plug and play hot tubs are the affordable way to go for hot tub ownership because of the lower power needs (they draw a lot less wattage) and the extra up-front savings you enjoy by skipping pre-delivery meetings with professionals, specialized installation and the hardwiring from a certified electrician needed for larger hot tubs.

3. PORTABILITY: Yes, all hot tubs in the portable category are indeed “portable,” which simply means you can move them around or take them with you when you move. The added benefit to plug and play portable hot tubs is that like an inflatable hot tub, they are lighter in weight, and you don’t need a special delivery truck to get it home (your standard pickup truck can handle it). You don’t need to hire professionals to move it around - sometimes with a rented crane or special tools. Plug and play truly are DIY when it comes to getting it home and putting it in place.


Our plug and play hot tubs include lots of great features: strong jet power for enjoyable hydrotherapy, mood setting LED lights and easy electronic water filtration. Because of our built-in advanced electronics, you can connect your plug and play hot tub to your smart phone for ease of operation - from anywhere in the world.

Thanks to the way the plug and play hot tubs are manufactured with a full cavity of insulation underneath the durable shell, you also can count on them being very energy efficient - much like modern home designs built to endure the Canadian climate. The part of the strong shell that you can see, features a non-slip, textured footwell, which helps when you want to max out the capacity with four-six people - larger than many other plug and play hot tubs that cap the seating at two or three.

If you decide you want to change your backyard landscape, or just want to move your plug and play hot tub inside for the winter, the portability is unmatched. If you don’t want to use it outside during the cold Canadian winter, you can move it inside and plug it in without any rewiring! If you want to just store it inside for the winter, you can do that with ease. Try that with a premium hot tub.

Adding a plug and play hot tub to your backyard is a great decision for many people who want to have fun, relax and soothe their aching muscles including: a) First-time hot tub owners, b)those on a budget, c) renters, anybody who is in between houses and d) homeowners with a small area.

Our plug and play hot tubs come with a cover and we also cover you with a no-nonsense, no fine print guarantee - should the need arise. So, rest comfortably inside our plug and play hot tubs and then rest assured you made a smart choice to get one.


You’ve decided that you finally want to get a hot tub but aren’t sure you want to make the full investment for whatever reason. Maybe it’s a budget constraint or perhaps it’s a space thing - maybe both. You’re ready to get into hot water (literally) but you don’t want any part of getting into hot water (figuratively). Northern Hot Tubs has your answer: plug and play hot tubs. We invite you to just dip your toe in first, before making the full splash as a hot tub owner because there are so many benefits that it makes so much sense (and dollars) to do it this way. Let’s look at some of the advantages of owning a plug and play hot tub – which also is sometimes referred to as a Plug ‘n Play hot tub, Plug-N-Play hot tub, 110v hot tub or 120-volt hot tub.