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A 2 person hot tub is ideal for small spaces. If you really want to enjoy all the benefits of hot water and hydrotherapy but don’t have a large backyard, 2 person hot tubs are perfect. Perhaps you have a tight patio spot or no yard at all. A hot tub for two people, such as our Moraine, can easily accent a balcony, terrace or even an indoor location. Most hot tubs are installed outside, but a rare advantage of owning a 2-person hot tub, is that it can be placed inside the house: bedroom, man cave or bonus room. All you need for the Moraine is a spare 38 square feet and the ability for a certified electrician to run a dedicated 240V 40 AMP, GFCI-protected electrical service.If you decide to install a small, 2 person hot tub outside, then think of all the extra space you will have for additional accessories or ambiance. You could build a small deck around it, easily place it under a pergola or at the very least, have extra room for outdoor furniture. Wherever you place your 2 person hot tub, you will have created a very intimate, 200-gallon (800-litre) private and warm oasis – for yourself or your plus one!

You save time and money with a 2 person hot tub. There are many ways hot tub owners save when choosing a two-person hot tub: price tag, energy bill, chemical costs and time to name a few. Since a two-person hot tub is smaller, it obviously is more affordable. Since it is easier to move, you will enjoy the stress-relieving benefits of hot water therapy much sooner. Regarding operational costs, owners of 2 person hot tubs save money just because they require less water. That translates into savings because it will cost less to heat and keep clean – your energy bill and your aching back will both thank you. You will need fewer chemicals to sanitize the water, so the products you purchase will last longer than if you had something larger, like a 6 person hot tub. And although our 2 person hot tubs include a hot tub cover lifter, removing the cover and putting it back on is as easy as 123!


A small hot tub for 2 people is the perfect investment for singles and couples of any age, but especially for empty nesters. After raising children, those who are approaching retirement age deserve a retreat that can help their muscles relax, encourage blood flow and assist with pain reduction. The single 3HP massage pump also runs quieter than larger hot tubs that require multiple pumps to push larger bodies of water. And if you are a neat freak, a 2 person hot tub is easier to clean from the cabinet to the shell. When you invest in a 2 person hot tub from Northern Hot Tubs, you can rest assured – literally – that you are NOT compromising on features because all of our hot tubs have all-inclusive packages that include the most modern electronics, premium construction and fully-backed guarantees. So, accent your space and put a smile on your face by introducing a 2 person hot tub in your life.


It’s a safe bet that if you are considering a 2 person hot tub for your home, you either live alone or like the person who will be occupying the other seat. There’s something to be said about both. A solo dip in your hot tub after a long day’s work leads to a relaxing night’s sleep. But if you’re in the mood for a different kind of cozy, then you put on your favourite playlist, light a few candles and add the significant other. Northern Hot Tubs offers a 2 person hot tub called the Moraine, after the breathtaking, glacier-fed lake in Alberta. It’s where couples go to enjoy hiking or canoeing with a beautiful backdrop and distinctive blue-green colour. Our small hot tub plays homage to one of Canada’s most beautiful water escapes because we want you to enjoy the beauty of relaxation or the beauty of your partner. Yes, this hot tub offers a third seat – but think about it, do you really want a third wheel in your close-knit hot tub with you? Unless you are parents who have a single child, you probably aren’t inviting anybody else in this hot tub with you. The third seat is offered mainly so a couple can choose to sit shoulder to shoulder or face each other. Let’s look at a few reasons why Canada hot tub owners choose a small hot tub for 2.

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