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Installing a hot tub in your garden creates a beautiful setting when using it. The natural surroundings add a calming effect and if you plan the hot tub orientation correctly, the primary seats will give you the best view of your property. Be sure to consider winter privacy when the tress cannot provide it. A properly selected and installed hot tub cover lifter can also double as a privacy wall. The cleanest garden hot tub installations have the wiring coming up through the weathertight base so there are no exposed wires running across the ground.

hot tub installation - pad only


A Northern Hot Tub is supported by a stainless-steel frame and the bottom is enclosed with a weathertight and critter-proof base. As a result, our hot tubs can be installed on any flat level surface, but a concrete slab, paving stone or patio stone pad is highly recommended. In addition, a hard surface hot tub installation remains clean which helps prevent users from tracking debris. Remember, convenience is paramount so place it as close to your door as possible and if you need us to visit you for a free in-home consultation this is always welcome.

hot tub installation - adjacent


It is common for an existing wood deck to be in place before a hot tub is purchased. If you don’t have room on your deck or don’t want the hot tub to obstruct views from the home, installing a hot tub adjacent to a deck can be the perfect solution. A hard surface such as a concrete pad or patio stone base is recommended. Consider the hot tub step placement, cover lifter position and travel. This is one of our favourites and most recommended hot tub installation methods due to the overall esthetics and low profile of the hot tub when looking out from the home.

hot tub installation - in deck


The main reason for installing a hot tub in a deck is sheer aesthetics. It lowers the profile of the hot tub in the deck, which can be more visually appealing. Whether you are considering a 4 person hot tub or a portable hot tub, your hot tub installation must consider service access. If installing your hot tub in a deck, it must include removable deck panels on all four sides. If it does not, and the hot tub requires service, you will need to drain the hot tub and assemble the necessary manpower to lift it out of the hot tub deck before any servicing can occur.

hot tub installation on deck


Placing on an existing deck is one of the most common hot tub installation methods. You can easily run the electrical wire under a wood deck or in a conduit across a stone deck. If you are placing it on an existing wood deck, be sure the deck construction is strong enough to hold the weight of the hot tub. Deck specifications can be found in our hot tub FAQ section on our website. Hot tub deck installations are quick and straightforward. Plan for accessories like the cover remover and step. You will also need access to a gravity drain port, so keep this in mind.

hot tub installation - under porch


A covered porch can be the ultimate premium or plug and play hot tub installation scenario. Significant benefits are that the hot tub is not directly exposed to the elements. This makes it easier to maintain and prolongs the life of the cover and the hot tub. Hot tubs are installed under a porch or are usually close to the access point of the home, and we recommend this as convenience is paramount. Porch hot tub installations are very practical because the hot tub, hot tub step and hot tub cover lifter can be orientated to make it easy to use & operate. 

hot tub installation - inground


An inground hot tub installation is the most complex and expensive. It is essentially installed like a swimming pool where the area is excavated, and the hot tub shell is placed into the excavation. The pump(s), filter and heater are installed in a suitable remote location. Inground hot tub installations are expensive, but you can apply directly on our website if you need hot tub financing. Cover lifters do not work with inground installations and be prepared for dirt and debris to blow in while using the hot tub, and anytime the cover is off.

gazebo hot tub installation


A gazebo with your hot tub centre adds dimension and shelter from the sun and elements. Hot tub gazebo installations are popular in treed environments to help keep leaves and debris from falling on the cover and in the water. No matter what Northern Hot Tub model you choose, a cover lifter solution can act as a privacy wall or windbreak when open. Interior seating configurations differ between the various hot tubs, so keep this in mind because the proper orientation of the primary seats will play an essential role in choosing a model.

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