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Northern Hot Tubs


730 Garyray Dr, Toronto, Ontario M9L 1R3, Canada

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hot tubs Toronto quarter view


Toronto Hot Tub shoppers will be pleased to know that Northern Hot Tubs are available throughout Toronto and are offered by Precision Landscaping. We know there are many options, so we approach our hot tubs differently to stand out from the crowd. Unlike most hot tubs that you will find in the Toronto market, Northern Hot Tubs do not use any wood. Instead, you will find a stainless-steel frame and fully synthetic materials that stand up to the harsh Toronto winters. Energy efficiency is essential, so you will be glad to know that Northern Hot Tubs are specially built for Canada. In addition to the outstanding locking hardcover and insulation on the shell and around the perimeter, each hot tub water pipe is fully insulated. It is rare for the electricity to be out in Toronto for a significant length of time, but if it does, there is little to worry about for hours or even days as the hot tub is like a giant thermos and can hold the heat. It even has a backup heater so you can relax should something go wrong with the hot tub itself!


Precision Landscaping has been helping homeowners in the Greater Toronto Area transform their backyards into personal sanctuaries since 2006. They know how to assess your property and plan for the ultimate hot tub experience. Installing a hot tub in Toronto may seem straightforward, and many hot tub companies may sell you a hot tub without walking you through the ten most important considerations. Precision Landscaping knows that convenience is paramount, so when recommending a position for the hot tub, this is the primary thing in mind. Let’s face it, using a hot tub in Toronto during the winter can be a wonderful experience, but it needs to be easy to get in and out. It also should be private and in a spot that is sheltered from the wind. The team at Precision knows how to factor in these critical design elements, so be sure to consult with them before deciding on a final position.


Hot tub shoppers in the Toronto market have several choices, which can create a confusing shopping experience. Precision Landscaping has the expertise to professionally install your new premium or even plug and play hot tubs anywhere in Toronto. You’ll be pleased to know that Northern Hot Tubs are well-equipped with everything you need to enjoy. All-inclusive packages and sensible hot tub prices make purchasing easy with no mark it up and mark it down games, extended warranties and add-on sales. You get everything you need in a straightforward and easy-to-understand package. An in-home consultation is available to provide expert advice and to balance form and function before choosing a hot tub model. The team at Precision Landscaping has been providing bend-over backward service and award-winning backyards for many years. If you live in Toronto and are in the market for a hot tub, give Precision a call. You’ll be happy you did!

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