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Northern Hot Tubs offers a pair of 6 person hot tubs: the Williston and the Manitou, named for the Canadian lakes for specific reasons. The Williston conjures up thoughts of the reservoir that the Peace River feeds into in British Columbia, while the Manitou harks to the famed lake on Manitoulin Island. Whether you choose the Manitou because you want to recline in an underwater lounge or the Williston because you can fit a 7th person in their own chair, we want you to feel relaxed (at peace) knowing that you are sitting in clean, enjoyable water. Hot tub maintenance in a Northern Hot Tub is straightforward, which you will learn the day your hot tub is delivered. You can expect expert training on the basics of simple water care as part of our all-inclusive pricing package and promise. The experts at Northern Hot Tubs are happy to assist you with your questions before, during and after yours is sitting in your backyard. It can start with a free in-home consultation; if you want help planning the logistics of owning a hot tub in Canada, ask. We want to ensure you enjoy the best bubbling experience possible, so we’ve compiled these six reasons why your fellow Canadians choose a 6 person hot tub.


Our Williston 6 person hot tub model has 7 multi-level seats, and the Manitou has five seats plus a lounger, so no matter how tall you are, you can find a comfortable spot. Sometimes you want to sit a little lower to get a neck and shoulder massage, and other times you might want to enjoy a beverage or conversation. Choose the seat that’s right for the mood. We strategically place our 6 person hot tub jets using different sizes, types and locations in each seat. So switch seats for a different massage experience. Or, if some of the other seats in the 6 person hot tub are open, prop your feet or legs on those for a full body massage.

Single-family homes and vacation properties are in high demand, and the addition of a 6 person hot tub adds value, excitement and sometimes even romance. Home renovations are booming in Canada, and adding a 6 person hot tub in the mix is a quick way to boost the equity in your property. Even if you don’t have a large family, a 2 person hot tub can provide similar financial benefits. Whether you own a pool or not, a 6 person hot tub that seats 6 or 7 people can easily accommodate a party of people who want to jump in and out of the water at different temperatures. No pool? No problem. A 6 person hot tub is big enough to host a “pool” party all by itself.

People have been flocking to 6 person hot tubs and warm water springs for centuries because hot water provides everything from stress/pain relief and muscle relaxation to improved sleep and calorie burning. Why not share that with others in your own personal hot tub? Our 6 person hot tubs come complete with all the bells and whistles that other brands charge extra for. We know you enjoy mood lighting and waterfalls, so they are included. We understand that energy efficiency and clean water filtration should be standard features and not options. And this is the 21st century, so the electronics are easy to use, and Wi-Fi enabled for remote control. 


A 6 person hot tub is one of the most popular sizes that first-time hot tub buyers flock to when it comes to adding a centrepiece of luxury in their backyard. Measuring approximately 7 square feet, Northern Hot Tubs recognizes that Canadians choose this larger size because they want to share 330 gallons of space with friends or family. Whether it’s three couples, a couple with a bunch of kids, a couple of kids from a bunch of families or all of the Brady Bunch kids themselves, the point is if you have the space, then this size hot tub is a good investment for fun, family and friends. If you are a small family or empty nester, 2 person hot tubs may be all you need. If you are a family of four or even five to six, a larger hot tub will accommodate enough people to create the fondest of memories. If you’ve already determined that you have enough room on your patio, deck or backyard (that includes enough clearance for the cover to open and close), then the only decision you need to make is whether or not you want a lounge seat in your 6 person hot tub.

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