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hot tubs walkerton

Northern Hot Tubs


5026 Highway 21, Port Elgin, ON, Canada

hot tubs Walkerton top view
hot tubs Walkerton quarter view


Walkerton residents now have more hot tub choices with the arrival of Northern hot tubs. Being a small, quaint town in Bruce County, Walkerton bodes an above-average lifestyle, and hot tub ownership has become one of the most popular home improvement products today. Hot tubs in Walkerton must be well-built to withstand our harsh Canadian environment, and Northern Hot Tubs are “Made for Canada” in more ways than one. The indestructible acrylic and fibreglass shell are mounted on a stainless-steel frame on a PVC / Fiberglass base. A synthetic cabinet then surrounds the hot tub to fully seal the inside of the hot tub, keeping the heat in and the elements and critters out. Owning a hot tub in Walkerton will require an energy-efficient hot tub because even though Bruce Power is around the corner, energy efficiency is paramount for conserving money and protecting the environment.


Walkerton hot tub shoppers will also be pleased to know that Northern Hot Tubs Port Elgin are offered in an all-inclusive package that features excellent hydrotherapy, a beautiful lighting package, electronic water purification, and the hot tub even connects to the internet so you can control it from your iOS or Android smartphone! Be sure to place your hot tub in a convenient and private location for maximum enjoyment. You will also want to ensure that you leave clearance for the cover remover and access to the gravity drains. If you would like expert advice on where and how to install your hot tub, contact owner/operator Jim Elliott and he will visit your residence and help you make sure that all the installation bases are covered. The in-home consultation is free of charge and those that install their hot tub correctly in Walkerton, tend to use and enjoy their hot tub more.

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