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Northern Hot Tubs


5026 Highway 21, Port Elgin, ON, Canada

hot tubs Southampton top view
hot tubs Southampton quarter view


Installing hot tubs in Southampton is an exhilarating experience and can be part of your family’s year-round fun. Southampton homeowners now have the added benefit of purchasing a Northern Hot Tub from local owner/operator Jim Elliott. With over 18 years of business experience in the home inspection field, Jim is now the exclusive dealer partner for Northern Hot Tubs in Port Elgin, Southampton plus all of Bruce County. He is trained to provide hot tub installation service, after-sale service, and more. Southampton is a bedroom and retirement community making it the perfect Ontario town for the installation of a hot tub. Customers that take advantage of our free in-home hot tub consultation service are better informed and are our happiest customers. Consider contacting Jim for expert advice and he will review the 5 critical things you need to know about installing your hot tub correctly with you on-site.


With Southampton being located on the windward side of Lake Huron, winter weather can be cold with lots of snow. Rest assured that Northern Hot Tubs are made for Canada and are built with a 5-part insulation system that keeps the hot tub warm and provides for access and service should the need arise. If you are installing your hot tub in a vacation home in Southampton, you will also be pleased to know that Northern Hot Tubs are Wi-Fi enabled so that you can monitor it on your iOS or Android smartphone from anywhere in the world. Download the app and connect to your hot tub's advanced electronics. You can operate and program the hot tub, and should something need attention; the app will let you know! Our well-built, well-equipped hot tubs will provide you with a fantastic massage for years of hot tub enjoyment at your Southampton home.

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