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Northern Hot Tubs


860 Taylor Creek Dr, Orléans, Ottawa, Orléans, Ontario K1C 1T1, Canada

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With everything Ottawa and the surrounding areas offer, it is hard to imagine how life could be better. As the saying goes, life is better in a hot tub. Ottawa homeowners and residents of surrounding communities such as Kanata, Nepean, and Orleans have the added benefit of working with Orleans Hot Tubs and Pools. The Orleans Hot Tubs and Pools team has been serving the Ottawa market for many years and knows what it takes to help get Ottawa families into hot water. A hot tub is a significant purchase, and it’s always best to work with a local company that can provide professional support and advice. You can buy a hot tub from an Ottawa area mass merchant over the phone and have it delivered to your driveway. Why do that when Orleans Hot Tubs & Pools can competitively handle the entire process with white-glove service? Give the Orleans team a call and they will even perform a free in-home consultation.


It can get cold in Ottawa, so you will be happy to know that Northern Hot Tubs are made for Canada. They have a heavy-duty weatherproof base, and the indestructible shell is cradled by a stainless-steel frame. The hot tub is very well insulated making it reasonable to operate in the Ottawa market. With a number of hot tubs to choose from including 2 person, 4 person, 6 person and 8 person models, there is sure to be a hot tub that is a perfect fit for your family. We always recommend that you make access to your hot tub as convenient as possible. If you do this, you will use it more and enjoy it more. There are ten important considerations for installing a hot tub and Ottawa residents can rely on Orleans Hot Tubs and Pools for expert sales, service and installation advice.


We know shoppers have many hot tub choices in the Ottawa market, but we promise you it’s worth driving to Orleans Hot Tubs and Pools. Firstly, you will find a showroom full of premium hot tubs and plug and play hot tubs, so there will be something for you. Expert staff will guide you through the hot tub selection process and can even visit you at your home anywhere in the Ottawa area for a free in-home consultation. Ottawa hot tub shoppers highly rate Northern Hot Tubs due to their rugged construction, excellent energy efficiency, and more. Northern Hot Tubs use stainless steel in place of wood, making them one of the sturdiest and longest-lasting hot tubs in the business. Bruce Content and his team provide bend-over backyard service and have been in business for many years serving Ottawa and area residents with expert hot tub sales and service. This is why it's worth driving to Orleans Hot Tubs and Pools no matter where you live in the  Ottawa area! 

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