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Northern Hot Tubs


North Bay, ON, Canada

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Troy Stevens knows water. A native Canadian, the former journeyman pipefitter and diver has been installing docks all over Lake Nipissing, the third-largest lake in Ontario. There are more than 250,000 lakes in Ontario, which contain roughly one-fifth of the world's fresh water. So, when Northern Hot Tubs was looking to expand, Stevens didn't just dip his toe in the water, he jumped in looking to make a splash for the residents of greater North Bay who are interested in the hot tub lifestyle. Since he knows all about the various sizes of lakes and docks, adding the various sizes of standalone Northern Hot Tubs was a natural progression. These personal bodies of water, better known as relaxing hot tubs, provide you with easy-to-enjoy options whether you are a waterfront dock customer living on one of the thousands of lakes in the area or you live inland. If you are looking for hot tubs or plug and play hot tubs in North Bay, Ontario, Stevens invites you to research the all-inclusive offerings from Northern Hot Tubs North Bay.



Applying his procurement background and award-winning business skills, Stevens operates Northern Hot Tubs North Bay for all you residents who enjoy boating and marine-related pastimes. He understands you live here to escape the big city lifestyle and enjoy the outdoors. While he's lived and worked all over Canada, he's been a North Bay resident since 2011, so he understands why the middle-class, middle-aged population is moving here as an exodus from Toronto and the GTA. He's also heard his customers asking for more backyard leisure options in the form of well-built hot tubs. He's been wanting to add hot tubs to his inventory, and after doing his homework, he chose Northern Hot Tubs because they are designed with quality at the core. "I'm a pipe fitter, and I've done a lot of plumbing," Stevens says. "It's a good product. I wouldn't touch it if it were crap, quite simply." He chose to bring in Northern Hot Tubs from a trusted referral who urged him to be involved with these high-end, turnkey, and all-inclusive hot tubs. "He said that I needed to get involved, and I have a lot of trust with that referral. I believe in what I do."


If his existing 5-star reviews online are any indication of what you can expect from Northern Hot Tubs North Bay, you can rest assured with peace of mind that not only are you going to get a quality product, but you also will enjoy the entire experience. His reviews include phrases like "Troy is super professional,"… "Troy goes the extra mile," and "Troy provided great customer service throughout the entire process." If you've ever spent an afternoon at the Heritage Railway & Carousel Company or along the Goulet Golden Mile, a perfect ending to a fun day outdoors would be sitting in a Northern Hot Tub. Whether you own a local cottage or work hard at a local blue-collar business, you deserve a respite. Chances are you are a lot like Stevens – somebody who enjoys being around water, on the water, or even under the water. He went to school for automotive marketing and electrical engineering. Still, he will leave you with all the hot tub schooling you will ever need when you choose a Northern Hot Tub in North Bay, Canada, which is a one-stop shop thanks to Stevens, his connections, and his experience" "I sell myself first. The product is nex"," he says" "People call me becausI'm’m just connected well enoug"." If you need a plumber, welder or electricianit's’s not a big deal for the owner of Northern Hot Tubs North Bay. Give him a call or visit his location just west of the North Bay city limits, and your hot tub could be the next one he delivers on his flat deck aluminum trailer.

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