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hot tubs Napanee

Northern Hot Tubs


140 Industrial Blvd, Napanee, ON K7R 3Y9, Canada

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Hot Tub fans in Napanee have heard the proverb that Good Things Come in Small Packages. It’s part of the reason the Greater Napanee area claims less than 17,000 residents from Lake Ontario north to Roblin. Little things mean a lot to these local residents and local hot tub lovers. Like the splendid stretch of country landscape, stunning waterfront parks, and rows of historic buildings. If you’re from here, you realize small can be mighty and little things go a long way. So, when adding a hot tub to your suburban homestead, locals trust Quality over quantity – a small store in a strip mall off Industrial Boulevard. Northern Hot Tubs Napanee is owned and operated by Quality Pools & Spas, Inc. It’s the same family of experts who own a larger quality Northern Hot Tubs business in nearby Kingston, only this location is focused on the basics: hot tubs, chemicals, service and repairs. Nothing is subcontracted out at Northern Hot Tubs Napanee, so if you’re looking for a hot tub in Greater Napanee, then contact the premier destination for hot tubs right here in your backyard.


The company name is easy to remember and the adjective fits: Quality. That’s why Northern Hot Tubs Napanee has partnered with them to offer well-built, well-equipped and well-priced hot tubs and plug and play hot tubs that are backed by Canadians and built for Canadians who reside in this small, relaxed cottage town. Small doesn’t mean our hot tubs are missing all the creature comforts we know that you deserve. Northern Hot Tubs come with all the bells and whistles you’ve told us that you’re looking for in a relaxing hot tub. We focus on what you need: an all-in-one, Wi-Fi enabled, therapeutic hot tub for when you return from a long day of work in this farming community. Don’t stress the small stuff. Instead, relieve your stress in a hot tub from Northern Hot Tubs Napanee that opened in 2023 just for you and is backed by years of experience from the same family of experts operating the original Kingston location. Napanee might be small, but – don’t judge this book by its cover because sometimes the best things come in small doses. While we do offer plug and play hot tubs, we also provide you with all-inclusive larger hot tubs for your whole family to enjoy. It's not the size of the hot tub or the town that matters, it's how you enjoy your down time that leads to better health and wellness.


Another nice thing about being in the market for a hot tub in small-town Napanee is the small price tag that comes with such a premium product. The owners of Northern Hot Tubs Napanee understand that you aren’t going to invest $20,000 or more in a hot tub like residents in the GTA might decide to do. And you don’t have to! Northern Hot Tubs are constructed with quality workmanship, and you can expect to receive the full package (lights, stereo, various therapeutic jets, etc.), all with easy-to-understand instructions so you can get in your hot tub as soon as possible and enjoy it years to come. The family who owns Northern Hot Tubs Napanee understands that one of the most important parts of being a family-owned business is working very hard to provide top-notch service. They don’t provide any hot tubs or hot tub services that they wouldn’t put in their own backyards. Napanee hot tub customers get exactly what they pay for. When you sign up for a quality hot tub from Northern, you become family, and that’s how you can expect to be treated. You can expect interactions and communications throughout your entire hot tub ownership experience. People have been coming back again and again for years – if they move and want to buy again or if they want to upgrade. Northern Hot Tubs Napanee wants to prevent buyer’s remorse, so the experts on staff spend the time to make sure you get exactly what you are looking for. Once a year in the spring, they host a hot tub giveaway for a less fortunate recipient. Who does that? So, if you’re looking for a hot tub in Napanee … you can trust the quality people at Northern Hot Tubs Napanee.

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