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Northern Hot Tubs


624 Justus Dr, Kingston, ON K7M 4H4, Canada

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Chris Moore has been an Ontario businessman since 1987. He understands everything you need to know about making your backyard beautiful and how to deliver your luxury home improvement investments to you in a timely fashion. He’s handled trucking and freight for decades, and since 2007, he has been the source for lavish landscaping, pristine pools and healthy hot tubs. Now he, along with his two sons Mike and Chris, Jr., are excited to be the exclusive provider of Northern Hot Tubs in Kingston. The Moore men, along with more than a dozen in-house specialists, want to use their longtime expertise in logistics and landscaping to be your local, one-stop shop for all things hot tubs including plug and play hot tubs. If you live anywhere near the northeastern end of Lake Ontario, where the St. Lawrence River begins, you can begin your hot tub journey with this trusted family of professionals. Whether you are returning home from a stressful government job or a weekend excursion to the Thousand Islands, you deserve the benefits of hot water therapy and the rest and relaxation provided by one of the many all-inclusive hot tub models found at Northern Hot Tubs Kingston.


Hot tub customers always come first in the Limestone City of Kingston. That’s the Hot Tubs Kingston promise for anyone looking to replace their old hot tub or purchase their first. The two primary goals you can count on are complete customer service and making sure your hot tub is delivered within two days once it’s in stock. While Kingston was the first capital of the United Province of Canada, Hot Tubs Kingston is your capital headquarters for everything dealing with hot tubs and plug and play hot tubs. Kingston is known as a centre of education and health care with the multiple universities and hospitals that abound, and Hot Tubs Kingston promises to continue that tradition by ensuring you get all the hot water education you need after your Northern Hot Tub is installed. Whether you are heading home from taking a tough test at university or commuting back after a long, stressful day helping people recover at a local hospital or even staying out of trouble at one of the local prisons, you deserve the hot tub wellness necessary to live a healthy lifestyle. The bottom line is, if Northern Hot Tubs Kingston has the hot tub that you’re looking for sitting on its floor, then you will be looking at it on your property within 24-48 hours.


Whether you want just an all-inclusive hot tub with all the creature comforts you can imagine or a full-fledged complete hot tub backyard experience, then Hot Tubs Kingston is your local, expert one-stop shop. Unlike other area hot tub companies, Hot Tubs Kingston doesn’t subcontract anything out. So, when it comes to purchasing, delivering, installing and wiring hot tubs, they have you covered (they even have options to cover the hot tub from electric hot tub covers to gazebos or full patios). They have an in-house electrician and offer in-house financing if you need it. Customers rave about their experiences with Hot Tubs Kingston they even send in full testimonials on video. Check out their posts on YouTube. Why? Because whatever the customer wants, Hot Tubs Kingston can do. Examples include: showing you how to put a cover lifter on for ease of use; pouring a flat, level pad for your hot tub to rest upon; extending your patio for a lounge that surrounds your hot tub, adding a pool to your hot tub combination. However you envision your backyard oasis, envision it with a Northern Hot Tub from Hot Tubs Kingston.

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