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Northern Hot Tubs


1130b Sun Peaks Rd, Sun Peaks, Heffley Creek, BC, Canada

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The Keep family story about their hot tub journey to the Greater Kamloops ares is like combining the expertise needed to navigate a double black diamond ski slope with the ease and openness of a green circle hill. Whether you are a seasoned hot tub owner or new to hot water therapy and water care, Liz Keep and her son, Rob Keep, invite you to experience the Tod Mountain Home Leisure difference when you are in Kamloops or Sun Peaks and you need anything from sales to service regarding hot tubs and spas. Named for the original ski hill that drew people to greater Kamloops before Sun Peaks Resort was established in the 1990s and two more mountains were converted into ski slopes, the Keeps are keepers. They kept the original name because it’s like ancestral family to them and that’s how they want to treat you – as hot tub family. Their doors are open whether you own rental properties and cater to tourists who demand a great hot tub experience, or you are part of the 15 percent of people who live here year-round and love your hot tubs.


Northern Hot Tubs partnered with Tod Mountain Home Leisure in Sun Peaks because of long-standing relationships as experts in the hot tub industry that melded into an extended family and longtime friendships. Owner Liz Keep opened her doors here in 2021 and son Rob joined as an unpaid general manager – just so he could help his mom and the people who visit and live in Kamlops and Sun Peaks, BC. “My message to my staff is always to treat people like friends coming into your house,” Rob Keep says. “Ever since my first store, we have focused on customer service. I’m going to take care of my people. Don’t lie. Be nice. Communicate well. It’s not hard.” That’s been Rob’s way for more than a quarter century and it continues today. He’s been in Sun Peaks since 2015 and saw that many of the local hot tubs were getting old. So, he decided to invest in the newer, built to last, Northern Hot Tubs.


Not long after Tod Mountain transformed into Sun Peaks Resort, Rob Keep began his hot tub career in Saskatchewan. He has worked directly with more than a half dozen hot tub brands throughout Canada, including Northern Hot tubs, visited a plethora of hot tub manufacturing factories and attended countless hot tub industry shows. He knows hot tubs inside (like how to fix the plumbing and wire the electrical box) and out (like how to treat the water and keep the relaxing hot tub jets running in the harshest of climates). He is an expert hot tubber and an expert Canadian who understands Strata bylaws and rules. Since Northern Hot Tubs are distributed by Canadians and built to last for Canadians (even part-time visitors to Canada), it’s hard to find a better authority on anything hot tub related in greater Sun Peaks. Call your local, certified experts at Tod Mountain Home Leisure for anything from plug and play hot tubs, a hot tub fix or just checking and balancing your water and chemicals. They also offer monthly hot tub service plans for your old existing hot tub, or your new Northern Hot Tub.

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