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Northern Hot Tubs


20 Balsam St, Collingwood, Ontario L9Y 4H7, Canada

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Voted one of the best vacation destinations in Ontario, Collingwood sets the stage for relaxation and rejuvenation. Enjoying hot tubs in Collingwood will be the ideal ending to a day outdoors skiing, biking, hiking and any other Collingwood-based activities. Purchasing a hot tub in Collingwood has become that much easier with the Northern Hot Tubs Canadian distribution warehouse just a short distance away in Meaford. Collingwood hot tub buyers that want a well-built, energy-efficient, all-inclusive hot tub package at the best prices in Collingwood will be delighted with our selection of wi-fi enabled Northern Hot Tubs. There are few places in Canada better than Collingwood for installing and enjoying a hot tub which is why demand is high, so be sure to arrange your hot tub well in advance.


When deciding on where to place your new hot tub, be sure to consider distance, orientation, wind, privacy, and cover removal at the least. The experts at Northern Hot Tubs will visit your home in Collingwood to give you free professional hot tub installation advice, including placing a template on the proposed location to provide you with a sense of the size and scale. f you are looking for a hot tub in Barrie, we have a location to conveniently serve you.Our Northern Hot Tubs are built on a stainless-steel frame with an insulated ABS base making it firm and sturdy. All you need is a flat-level base for the hot tub and a dedicated 240-volt electrical service from the panel. Hot tub ownership in Collingwood has never been more accessible, so visit Northern Hot Tubs for an outstanding selection of 2 person hot tubs to 8 person hot tubs with professional service and support today.


With so much to do and discover in Collingwood, there is no wonder that so many people invest in cottages, ski chalets and vacation properties. The ski slopes are packed in the winter, and the beaches are jammed in the summer, with the population almost doubling. Perhaps this is why so many hot tubs are sold in Collingwood, making it one of the most popular Canadian towns to enjoy a soak. Due to the year-round nature of outdoor activities, owning an energy-efficient hot tub in Canada, Collingwood, and the surrounding area is paramount. An energy-efficient hot tub costs less to run, but it can also hold the set temperature in the dead of winter while the cover is off and being enjoyed. Collingwood hot tub shoppers will be pleased to know that Northern Hot Tubs are made for Canada, so energy efficiency and top performance are guaranteed.

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