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Northern Hot Tubs


7635 44 Street Southeast unit 3, Calgary, AB, Canada

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Owning a hot tub in Calgary can be a great way to enjoy the benefits of hot water, relaxation and hydrotherapy year-round. However, there are some considerations when it comes to owning a hot tub in Calgary. Choosing a hot tub that is well-insulated and designed for cold temperatures is important to ensure efficient operation and energy conservation. Northern Hot Tubs offers outstanding insulation, high-quality covers, and energy-efficient construction. Before purchasing a hot tub, consider the space you have available for installation. Our hot tubs are available in various sizes, including 2 person hot tubs, 4 person, 6 person and even 8 person models so ensure you have enough room in your backyard or patio. Additionally, check with the local authorities or homeowner associations (if applicable) for any regulations or permits required for hot tub installation. And most importantly, be sure you are working with a capable service and installation company like PLATINUM Pool & Spa Services and owner-operator Joe Douklias!


It's no wonder that owning a hot tub in Calgary is so popular. With short summers and cold, even frigid weather, owning a pool is great, but with the season being so short, hot tubs can be safely and conveniently used all year round. With expert installation advice, your year-round hot tub enjoyment in the Calgary market is virtually assured, especially when you connect with Northern Hot Tubs authorized dealer PLATINUM Pool & Spa Services and the team led by Joe Douklias. Convenience and numerous other considerations when installing a hot tub are paramount. PLATINUM Pool & Spa Services have many years of hot tub sales, service and installation experience and offer free in-home consultations to ensure proper hot tub placement, cover lifter clearance, service access and more. Northern Hot Tubs offers premium 240V hot tubs and 120V plug and play hot tubs for simplicity and convenience. No matter what you choose, you can count on Northern and the team to make your backyard dreams affordable.


Calgary hot tub shoppers love Northern Hot Tubs for many reasons, including the bulletproof construction and the plethora of all-inclusive features. An industry-leading stainless-steel frame supports the hot tub shell, and the bottom is fitted with an insulated weatherproof, critter-tight base. Maximum insulation with full access for maintenance and repairs makes hot tub ownership in Calgary an enjoyable and worry-free experience. Joe Douklias and the entire PLATINUM Pool & Spa Services team provide the best VIP delivery and set-up service in the business with sensible pricing and easy financing; owning a Northern Hot Tub in Calgary is fast, convenient and highly affordable. Go ahead and navigate to our hot tub financing page and pre-approve today. The financing is established like an unsecured home improvement line of credit with low minimum monthly payments and the ability to pay any amount at anytime without backdated interest or penalty!

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