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Northern Hot Tubs


Bowmanville, ON, Canada

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Blair Kelly knows the benefits of water. As a full-time firefighter, he would return home after a long day’s work and test out one of his many Northern Hot Tubs that he bought and installed in some of his short-term rental properties throughout the Bowmanville, Ontario area. Kelly knows more than the average person between Port Granby and Port Hope when it comes to hot tubs and plug and play hot tubs. After renovating bathrooms and kitchens and also building three houses from scratch, he quickly realized a key secret to success … include a deck or hot tub pad with a pergola because more than half the people from his rental businesses choose cottages that feature hot tubs in the backyard. Now, Kelly is inviting you, as the owner of Northern Hot Tubs Bowmanville, to take advantage of hot water therapy. If you’re in the area and in the market for a hot tub, contact them for an essential part of any new construction or renovation – a hot tub from Northern Hot Tubs. You can trust in their experience, especially in the winter when 2 feet of snow are on the ground!



Kelly says he likes hot tubs and thinks they are “awesome.” So, adding them to his long-time Bowmanville construction business was a natural next step. He recalls some of his early, first-time experiences hopping into hot tubs as a youth. It was either at a recreation facility offering a community pool with a hot tub or a family friend’s house. As he got into snowboarding and skiing, he always chose resorts featuring the relaxation, recovery and real health benefits of hot tubs – whether in Vermont or Whistler or any place in between. “Every place we book, we won’t rent without a hot tub,” he says. The same holds true for you. If you are in Bowmanville’s suburbia, a Northern Hot Tub should be on your wish list because the brand is built for Canadians, distributed by Canadians and intended for Canadians to enjoy. If every rental place must include a hot tub, then why shouldn’t your home also have one, no matter where you reside in greater Bowmanville? And what better endorsement for Northern Hot Tubs can there be than a satisfied customer who believes in the product so much, that he decided to become a local dealer to help his friends and neighbours? The bottom line is that Kelly has been in Bowmanville and the surrounding Durham region for more than 3 decades. His stellar customer service combined with a superior hot tub product at a fair price is what you should expect. He is the Northern Hot Tubs representative who returns your calls and texts as soon as possible, 7 days a week. There are no off days at Northern Hot Tubs Bowmanville.


“The #1 thing my customers say about other places is they can’t get ahold of anybody or return their calls,” Kelly says. “I don’t ignore people. If something breaks, I try to fix it right away. I enjoy it, and there are no weekends off.”



Looking for a hot tub along Lake Ontario? Trust Northern Hot Tubs Bowmanville because they understand your suburbia lifestyle. It’s a great place to raise a family far enough away from the hustle and bustle of big city Toronto and close enough to walking trails and outdoor life that the hot tub life beckons. Whether you enjoy the endless nature or the history of Fort Scratchley, we understand you and your leisure time needs. Bowmanville is unlike downtown, but with so many boats abounding and endless water, why not bring an aesthetic water feature back home in the form of a well-built hot tub? Houses are going up, vacant land is being developed, and new home buyers are looking for new hot tubs that can withstand the northern climate demand. If you work hard in the suburbs, you deserve to come home to a hot tub. If you play hard with winter sports, you need a hot tub at home. This is why Northern Hot Tubs Bowmanville exists … we understand you, and we want to help. When you buy a hot tub from Northern Hot Tubs, we make it simple on startup. You get an easy-to-understand laminate flyer on water care. You have manuals and how-to videos online. We don’t sweat the small details because the only sweat you should have is the droplets of water coming off your skin from the pure enjoyment of your Northern Hot Tub.

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