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Northern Hot Tubs


358 Hwy 4, Port Hastings, NS B9A 1M5, Canada

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Lee Burke has always been an entrepreneur with an eye for products built with quality construction, complete with material and structural warranties, included options and the ability to deliver and set them up for you to help beautify your Port Hastings backyard. As the owner of the local Old Hickory / Atlantic Home & Leisure Products dealership, you may have seen some of his buildings, sheds and animal houses that make your country living complete. Now, he is excited to add hot tubs to his offerings as the exclusive provider of Northern Hot Tubs in your area. These hot tubs and plug and play hot tubs are robust enough to withstand the northern elements because they are designed for and distributed by Canadians. Hot tubs are very popular from Antigonish to the rugged cliffs and trails that intersect the landscape of Cape Breton Island. What better way to unwind in the friendly greater Port Hastings area than relaxing in a hot tub that comes directly from a local expert who understands the rich Scottish local traditions and the blend of blue-collar workers and professionals from St. Francis Xavier University to the local schools, hospitals and government offices?



People have migrated to Cape Breton Island so much that it has become one of the top destinations for vacationers in the world, with premium golf courses and lodges full of older hot tubs. Visitors and residents alike have long known the therapeutic benefits that hot tubs offer, but once you try a Northern Hot Tub, you’ll notice a difference. It starts with Burke and his staff who provide clear and transparent pricing and package deals. That’s how they operate. From sale to delivery and installation, they eliminate the fear of online purchases. No need to worry about shipping and dealing with a third party, Burke’s Northern Hot Tub business offers a direct to your door appeal. Their white glove service begins with upfront customer care from skilled technicians who ensure consumer confidence after you pick out the perfect Wi-Fi-enabled hot tub that is right for you. Want to see the difference between a quaint 200-gallon plug and play model like the Kootenay and the stellar 515-gallon Laurentian? Stop by the Port Hastings showroom and sit in one of the more than a dozen Northern Hot Tubs he offers. “Northern Hot Tubs is a good opportunity because they are extremely popular products here,” Burke says. “It’s a good fit.”



Northern Hot Tubs Port Hastings has a staff of more than a dozen for fast shipping from the Canso Causeway that connects Cape Breton Island to the mainland of Nova Scotia. The scenic views of the Strait of Canso were what initially drew Sir Charles Hastings Doyle to the area. We think he would likely approve of your decision to beautify your backyard with a Northern Hot Tub in your garden, gazebo or deck area. The Port Hastings region also was good enough for Alexander Graham Bell to move to after he invented the telephone … you may have heard about that company called AT&T. So, call your friends and tell them about Northern Hot Tubs! Everyone deserves to be healthier by reducing headaches and stress and relieving muscle pain. Northern Hot Tubs are built to provide you with year-round time to spend with family and friends. Current customers are raving about their experience with Northern Hot Tubs, calling the price “fair and competitive,” but also complimenting how great the customer service is. “The team made sure we were fully informed and knew what we were doing before leaving at the end of the installation,” said one happy customer. You can trust these hot tub experts because they are your neighbours who are originally from Canada, offering a trustworthy hot tub product and highly recommended buying process.

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