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Northern Hot Tubs


53 Bittern St unit 9, Hamilton, ON L9G 4V5, Canada

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Growing up in Germany, Stefan Ruff of Northern Hot Tubs Hamilton lived a very healthy lifestyle. He played semi-professional tennis throughout his youth, and after travelling around from tournament to tournament, he often recovered in public saunas with his parents. In fact, Wednesday nights consisted of family sauna excursions because the Ruff family understood the health benefits of heat on the body. When he immigrated to Canada in 2009, he wanted to keep that wellness feeling going, especially to help his ailing knees. So, he eventually started selling saunas of his own and quickly added unique wood-burning hot tubs to his mix. Now, Ruff is excited to add the more popular electric hot tubs and plug and play hot tubs to his business portfolio as owner of the Northern Hot Tubs location that serves greater Hamilton, Ontario. If you’re a fellow racket sport athlete like Ruff and his tennis-playing son, or you just happen to live on the Western tip of Lake Ontario, these are the experts you can trust for hot water therapy via a hot tub from Northern Hot Tubs.


Ruff says that adding Northern Hot Tubs to his business was a natural progression of not only his products but also the extension of his health and well-being and that of his customers. He’s hot on mainstream hot tubs now because anybody within an eye’s shot of the Niagara Escarpment has long been asking for something as affordable and well-built as Northern Hot Tubs. “Saunas and hot tubs offer similar benefits,” he says. “In a nutshell, it’s all about heat stress. The idea is the same, but in hot tubs, you get the massage functions too.” He opened his business before COVID hit and quickly realized that people love investing in their backyards – especially those who want to escape stress. Northern Hot Tubs Hamilton is a one-stop shop for locals because these self-contained, portable hot tubs are available only for Canadians, and they come pre-packaged with all the bells and whistles you need. Whether you want a hot tub for your cottage or if you are a hard-working, blue-collar person who loves the steel city roots of the Hamilton Bay area, you deserve a hot tub retreat after a long day’s work. A hot tub would be golden for anyone around the Golden Horseshoe.


If you are in the market for a hot tub in Hamilton, consider a Northern Hot Tub because there’s something for everyone, whether you want a wellness vessel that is big and powerful or a smaller hot tub that is simple to plug in and get in. Ruff plans to display three models, including 4 person hot tubs, at his location so you can see them before you buy them. And when you visit him in Hamilton, you can expect a perfect mix of his European background and his Canadian roots during the entire process, from picking out the right Northern Hot Tub to installing it … and then counting on excellent service along the way. “I’m a fairly straight shooter who believes in straightforward, timely communication. No BS, Ruff says. He believes in keeping the customer in the loop during the whole new hot tub process and following up on his promises. He chose to bring Northern Hot Tubs to the Hamilton region because they fit the bill for what his customers have been asking for, and he can service them and take care of them locally. If you are looking for a hot tub in Hamilton, look no further than a team of experts that is led by a lifelong health and wellness expert… Stefan Ruff of Northern Hot Tubs.

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