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Why Hot Tubs Add More Than Pools

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

Let’s start by addressing the obvious before doing a deeper dive into these two bodies of backyard water: swimming pools and hot tubs. Monetarily speaking, expert realtors and home improvement outlets agree that an average size swimming pool can add 5 to 8 percent to the bottom line of your house. With the average Ontario home value hovering around $1 million, that’s roughly a $65,000 boost to your potential bottom line when selling a house.

Obviously, nobody is going to fork over that kind of money for a hot tub … but that’s not what we are saying here. Yes, pools are more expensive than hot tubs and therefore, homeowners and buyers willing to pay an extra cost sometimes hold them in higher esteem. But that’s fairly shallow thinking. Conversely, having a pool as a bonus feature instead of a hot tub is sometimes in and of itself a deal breaker for some buyers for reasons we delve into below. Here’s why owning a hot tub may provide more overall value to the homeowner than a pool:

4 Simple Reasons Why Homeowners Might Consider a Hot Tub Instead of a Pool

1. HIDDEN COSTS: The day-to-day maintenance is easier, and your energy bill will be lower to filter and clean a self-contained, energy-efficient Northern Hot Tub instead of a large pool. You likely won’t need additional insurance or a separate hot tub inspection at the time of sale like you might be required to obtain with a pool. And don’t even get u started on the difference in potential repair bills.

2. SAFETY: Everything from needing a yard fence to a pool perimeter safety fence to keeping the larger body of water sanitized and clean to prevent illness is mucho harder than what’s required for a smaller hot tub.

3. CRITTER CONTROL: Critters like insects and wildlife will be drawn to an open pool that looks like a pond to them, more so than a hot body of water with a cover on it. Nothing says relaxation like having to grab the net to fish out bugs and varmints from your oasis, right? Another hot tub benefit.

4. USAGE: Many home buyers who want a pool are interested because they have young children. That novelty wears off when they get older and stop using it. Then what? The couple gets to stare at a very expensive water feature. With a hot tub, couples can continue using it for the added health benefits that soothe their aging bodies!

When You Own a Home with a Hot Tub, You are in a Seller’s Market

Dollar for dollar percentage wise when you break it down, hot tubs are beneficial when it comes to buying or selling a home in Canada and here’s why: A hot tub increases the resale value of your home when it is the centerpiece of well-kept landscaping. When hot tubs are sunk into a wooden deck, or placed in the middle of a gazebo, it adds backyard curb appeal. Even a stone pathway that leads to your hot tub in Collingwood. or a nearby flower garden will be attractive to potential buyers.

The appeal of a hot tub also varies by geographic location and lucky for you we are talking about Canada here. The northern weather alone is a reason to give the nod to hot tubs, which you can use when there is snow on the ground, over pools which will need to be covered and winterized for months of inactivity. It’s a good thing that Northern Hot Tubs are built to withstand the Canadian climate.

Unlike any other large body of water you put in your backyard like a pool or pond, hot tubs work to your advantage as the homeowner. You will always have three options on how to handle your hot tub when it comes time to sell your house. First, you can include it with the sale of the house. Consider hiring a professional to clean it and make minor improvements and then save that recent documentation to interested buyers to confirm for them that the hot tub is in working condition. Second, you can sell your hot tub by itself. Sometimes this option might bring a little more value, and you get immediate cash.

Third, keep this little hot tub factoid in your back pocket if you are ready to sell your house. Most Northern Hot Tub models can be moved from one home to another. If you love it as much as we think you will and have a buyer who doesn’t want all the health and wellness benefits of the bubbly water you have become accustomed to, you can always take it with you!

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