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Hot Tub Gazebo Pros and Cons

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

A hot tub is a popular backyard feature, providing stress relief, relaxation and entertainment for family and friends. But when it comes to protecting you and your hot tub from the elements, should you put a gazebo over it? Maybe or maybe not. Although Northern Hot Tubs sells and services hot tub gazebos, this blog post will explore the pros and cons of adding a gazebo to your hot tub area so you can make an informed decision.

PROS of Adding a Hot Tub Gazebo


One of the main benefits of adding a gazebo over your hot tub is privacy. If you’re looking for an area to relax and unwind without worrying about prying eyes, then a hot tub gazebo can provide that extra layer of protection. It may also give you more control over who can access your hot tub area, as you can easily lock the screens, doors or windows if necessary. If you are in the city, privacy is often required. Privacy is not usually an issue if you are out in the country. The final hot tub position will determine privacy, which is one of the primary considerations when choosing where to install it. You'll be happy to know that Northern Hot Tub Gazebos include retractable screens plus LED lights for evening ambiance should you need it!

Protection from Weather

Another benefit of having a hot tub gazebo is that it protects you and your hot tub from the weather. A gazebo can keep out wind, rain, snow, and other elements that could damage your hot tub or make it uncomfortable to use. It also helps keep debris out of the water and makes it easier to maintain cleanliness in the area. Although taking a hot tub wholly exposed to the elements can be exhilarating, a hot tub gazebo with retractable screens may be the perfect solution if you are in a windy area or if some nearby trees drop debris.

Aesthetic Appeal

Aesthetically speaking, adding a gazebo to your hot tub area can make it look more attractive and inviting. Depending on the style and design of the gazebo, it can add an elegant touch to your backyard oasis and make it feel like an outdoor retreat. We recommend that most hot tubs be positioned close to the home for easy entry and exit, and in doing so, it's often tucked up against the house or under a porch. Sometimes this is impossible, and the hot tub must be somewhat far from home. If this is the case, adding a hot tub gazebo adds a level of dimension to the hot tub area and eliminates a "free-floating" look in the backyard.

CONS of Adding a Hot Tub Gazebo

Initial Cost

One potential disadvantage of adding a gazebo over your hot tub is cost. Building or purchasing a gazebo can be expensive, depending on the size and materials used for construction. You may also need to factor in additional charges, such as installation fees or maintenance costs if you plan on keeping the structure in good condition over time. Northern Hot Tubs offers cedar hot tub gazebo kits and hot tub gazebos made from aluminum at sensible prices. So with this in mind, the potential cost may be more reasonable than a custom fabricated wood gazebo, but non the less, there is still an added cost above and beyond the hot tub itself.

Maintenance Requirements

Another potential downside is that having a gazebo over your hot tub will require more maintenance than just leaving it uncovered, especially if the hot tub gazebo is made of wood. You’ll need to regularly check for signs of wear and tear, such as rust or rot, and clean off any debris accumulating on top or inside the structure. This could become an added chore that takes up valuable time each week or month, depending on how often you use your hot tub. If a fully aluminum hot tub gazebo interests you, Northern Hot Tubs offers aluminum options that reduce maintenance while extending its lifespan due to its aluminum construction.


When deciding whether or not to put a gazebo over your hot tub or even one of increasingly popular plug and play hot tubs, there are several factors to consider, including cost, maintenance requirements, and aesthetic appeal. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and what works best for you and your backyard space. If you decide that having a gazebo is worth the investment, then go ahead – make sure you consider all potential benefits and drawbacks before making any final decisions!

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