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Northern 4 Person Hot Tubs are the Most Popular Size

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

There is no question that the request for a 4 person hot tub is one of the most common inquiries that we receive at Northern Hot Tubs. Let's take a closer look to discover why. There is a perceived correlation between the cost of a hot tub and the size, so those shopping for a hot tub often connect the size and the price to determine their initial budget. Hot tub size does determine the price of a hot tub but not as much as one may think.

A four-person hot tub is typically 6' 6" x 6" 6" OR about 78" square which is why four people can comfortably enjoy the hot tub. Although a 4 person hot tub can be rated as such, you will likely find that it has 5 to 6 seats. The reason for this is the 78" square dimension will typically provide for 5 to 6 seats, but only 4 of the 5 to 6 seats will be reasonably comfortable with four adult bathers. Some hot tub companies try to embellish the number of seats to increase the perceived value of the hot tub. Northern Hot Tubs seating capacity is conservative, so when we rate a hot tub as a 4 person hot tub, it can accommodate the stated bather load with comfort and usually some room to spare.

Depending on the equipment included, a four-person hot tub can be reasonably priced or priced in the higher end of the hot tub scale if it is loaded with equipment. Regardless of their size, hot tubs become more and more expensive as more jets, pumps, and equipment are added. Northern Hot Tubs has several hot tub models with varying degrees of equipment and options. Our best-selling four-person Georgian Hot Tub model is a well-built, well-equipped, all-inclusive 4 person hot tub with a flagship no float lounger and deep soaker seat. These are the seats that people use the most, and we find that users move back and forth between these seats more than most others. The hot tub has four other secondary seats that offer superb comfort, but they are not as comfortable, feature rich and well-equipped as the flagship seats.

Our Georgian 4-person hot tub includes one 3 HP high performance pump for the ultimate in simplicity. The pump's power is controlled by a water diverter valve that redirects the pressure from the pump to the no float lounger or deep soaker seat and anything in between. The one pump system cannot run all of the jets at full pressure all at once, but this is rarely required, so it is usually more than adequate. Northern Hot tubs are available in 2 or 3 pump systems should customers desire to operate a high jet count at the same time. The other reason why a 4 person hot tub is the best seller is care and maintenance. The more water that you have to heat and maintain, the more expensive and complicated it becomes.

Not that a six or 8-person hot tub is that much more difficult or expensive, it's just another factor of hot tub ownership to consider, and if the larger size is not required or will not be used, then there may be no point in buying up to this size. Our Northern 4 person hot tub also includes a superb LED lighting package, ozone water purification system and is fully controlled by your iOS or Android smartphone. Excellent quality construction with an intelligent insulation system that allows for full hot tub servicing makes taking care of any issues a breeze.

The hot tub is capped with a 4" Nordic hardcover designed to keep anything unwanted out and the hot tub's heat in. Northern Hot Tubs are built for Canada and are designed to keep your 4 person hot tub warm and ready when you are. If, for some reason, your GFCI becomes defective or the hot tub system fails, our hot tubs include a small backup heating system that is installed under the cabinet. When plugged in, the backup heater will keep the hot tub warm and prevent freezing for days and weeks, giving you peace of mind while we arrange to visit you for repair service.

If you are in the market for a 4 person hot tub, we strongly recommend our Northern Hot Tubs Georgian model and are confident that it is everything and more you will need and want in a hot tub and will provide you with years of good health and enjoyment. Hot tub owners that follow installation best practices enjoy their hot tub more and make it a part of their healthy lifestyle. Talk to the experts at Northern Hot Tubs about placement and installation advice and maximize your year-round enjoyment of your 4 person hot tub. Knowledgeable buyers claim that taking a hot tub helps to improve sleep and relieve pain, so visit Northern Hot Tubs or an authorized hot tub dealer today and make soaking in hot water part of your daily healthy living routine!

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