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Experience Northern Hot Tub Ownership in Owen Sound

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Northern Hot Tubs for sale in Owen Sound are designed to survive year round weather and give years of trouble-free enjoyment. We believe a hot tub must be easy to use, energy-efficient, simple to maintain, and free of unnecessary gadgets that are prone to failure and offer little to no value to your hot tub experience. A Northern Hot Tub has all you need to soak, relax, and rejuvenate in total comfort. Allow us to demonstrate how simple it is to make a hot tub in your Owen Sound backyard retreat a reality, and learn why hot tub owners who take the time to properly install their hot tub in Own Sound, love their hot tub on a regular basis and consider it a part of their healthy lifestyle.

Because hot tubs are intended to maintain their set temperature, they are always ready and waiting for you. It's simple to adjust the water temperature in a Northern Hot Tub. While reducing the temperature on a hot tub might help you battle the summer heat, few things compare to being surrounded by warm bubbling water on a crisp, chilly night. So don't be concerned about the weather changing, the sun setting, or the seasons changing in Owen Sound. A Northern Hot Tub in Owen Sound is always a fun and a beautiful experience throughout the year, and our hot tubs will give you the greatest 2 person , 4 person hot tub, 6 person, and 8 person hot tub options available.

Superior Quality Under the Hood

You'll find a Northern Hot Tub is a well-made hot tub with a 304 stainless steel frame that supports the hot tub shell and is built to last a lifetime. To produce a practically indestructible hot tub shell, the hot tub surface is vacuum molded using premium quality acrylic and a unique two-stage fiberglass backing is added. To keep the cold and critters out, the hot tub's bottom is encased in a vacuum formed, insulated ABS foundation. The heat is retained by a five-layer insulation system, and the hot tub's sides are completed with a tight fitting, maintenance-free synthetic cabinet. Our plug and play hot tubs are built using a roto molded shell which differs from what is described above and is the prefect product for those that want something highly portable that plugs into a standard 120 volt outlet.


Northern Hot Tubs gives you a dependable hot tub that includes all of the necessary features without being overly complicated. Long-lasting underwater LED mood and safety lighting, as well as LED-illuminated cup holders, make it easier to discover them after dark. Our hot tub packages contain a substantial number of hydrotherapy jets that are correctly positioned to offer you an excellent massage, as well as an ozone water purifier that helps keep the hot tub water clean and clear. It's finished off with a quality Nordic hot tub cover that can easily deal with Owen Sound snow for the finest in energy efficiency, safety, and security.

A Modern Twist

Your home router and a built-in Wi-Fi connectivity module connect your Northern Hot Tub to your preferred Owen Sound based internet provider. Install the app on your iOS or Android device to keep track of important hot tub features including heat, circulation, scheduling, and more. If you need your hot tub in Owen Sound serviced or repaired, you may allow your Owen Sound hot tub provider access to the diagnostic features of your hot tub to help them troubleshoot and better serve you. If your hot tub is installed at a vacation home or in a remote location where you won't be able to check on it frequently, Wi-Fi connectivity is very useful.

Straight Forward

A hot tub is intended to help you unwind and relax, not add to your tension. That is why we only sell hot tubs in Owen Sound that are simple to maintain by incorporating a top and bottom water filtering system. You will be hard-pressed to discover bothersome gizmos and gadgets that are prone to malfunction and offer little to no value to your hot tub experience, and we have designed a simple hot tub water maintenance routine to assist and take the guesswork out of hot tub ownership. If you ever have a need, our easy one-page 2/3/5/10 Year Guarantee guarantees that everything is taken care of properly.


Many hot tub companies price and package their products so that their salespeople can close more purchases at greater rates. There are no hot tub choices, extended warranties, mark it up and mark it down gimmicks, or candy man games at Northern Hot Tubs. All of our hot tubs for sale in Owen Sound are all-inclusive packages. Everything on the hot tub is included in one easy-to-understand bundle at all-inclusive pricing. A limited number of accessories, such as entrance stairs and cover lifters, are available and must be selected depending on specific installation circumstances and demands.

A Price You Can Get Behind

We try to provide you with a high-quality, dependable hot tub product at an affordable hot tub price so you may unwind and rest in crisp, clean, and clear hot bubbly water without breaking the bank. We accomplish this by obtaining electronics, acrylic, resins, polymers, and other mission-critical components produced in the United States. The hot tubs are then manufactured to our exacting requirements by a high-quality, high-volume OEM facility in China. The hot tubs for sale in Owen Sound are delivered by the container load, straight from the factory to our Canadian online sales centre, and then to your house, saving you hundreds of dollars.

What Are The Benefits?

Heat, buoyancy, and massage are the three major therapeutic components of hydrotherapy. They work together to produce an unforgettable experience that is both soothing and beneficial to one's health. Using a hot tub in Owen Sound or anywhere including a Hot Tub in Collingwood on a daily basis has physical health advantages that go far beyond relaxation and enjoyment. Water is so basic and clean, yet it is capable of incredible feats. Whether you have joint or muscle discomfort, difficulty sleeping, or are just stressed out, spending time in a Passion Hot Tub may give therapeutic advantages for almost anybody.

Reduces Headaches and Stress

Warm water massage increases the release of endorphins, which can help to relieve tension. Northern Hot Tub's hydrotherapy jets can also widen blood vessels, which can help avoid headaches. "Soaking in a hot tub in Owen Sound before going to bed might assist the transition into a deeper slumber," according to the National Sleep Foundation when it comes to falling asleep quickly and obtaining a decent night's sleep. Many individuals consider a 20-minute session in their hot tub to be a vital method to relieve headaches and stress as part of their healthy lifestyle.

Relieves Muscle and Joint Pain

Use of a hydrotherapy hot tubs has exploded in recent years, and Northern Hot Tubs is poised to lead the way in bringing these advantages to a wider audience! "Your skin and muscles soften and relax from the improved blood circulation," according to a famous sports magazine, adding that if muscles are damaged, "a soak in a hot tub improves blood flow to the affected area, providing nutrients to help repair the damage." Using a hot tub on a regular basis can also help alleviate muscular discomfort by lowering lactic acid levels and improving mobility.

Soothes Arthritis

The use of warm water hydrotherapy in a well-designed hot tub is thought to benefit individuals suffering from arthritic discomfort. Hydrotherapy is also considered to be one technique of utilizing water to assist treat arthritis since the water's soothing warmth and buoyancy make it a safe, perfect environment for pain relief. Arthritis can induce acute pain, but it is more likely to produce chronic pain over time. Because there is no known treatment for this illness, people must learn to live with it. A hot tub may be the answer to a life with less pain and more fun if you have arthritis.

Helps to Manage Diabetes

Hot water and hydrotherapy, particularly regular use of a hot tub, has been shown to help manage diabetes, according to studies. It has also been shown to decrease blood pressure and blood sugar levels substantially. Diabetes patients who bathed in a hot tub for around 30 minutes a day, six days a week, had their average blood sugar level decrease by 13%, according to Colorado research. Even if your heart looks to be in good shape, get out of the hot tub after 20 minutes, never enter a hot tub alone, and make sure someone is nearby in case of an emergency.

Year-Round Fun

According to a recent poll, hot tub owners use their tub on average 150 times a year! Your hot tub will always be ready and waiting for you since it is built to maintain the water temperature you choose. The completely computerized controls on a Northern Hot Tub make adjusting the water temperature a breeze. While decreasing the temperature in a Northern Hot Tub will help you battle the summer heat, there are few things that compare to being surrounded by warm bubbling water on a crisp, chilly night.

Northern Hot Tubs has got you covered with well-built, well-equipped, wi-fi enabled, all-inclusive, straight forward and sensibly priced hot tubs for sale.

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