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hot tubs timmins

Northern Hot Tubs


1169 Dollard Ave, Sudbury, Sudbury, Sudbury, Ontario P3A 4G7, Canada

hot tubs Timmins top view
hot tubs Timmins quarter view


Hot tubs in Timmins are offered in a well-built and energy-efficient package to make owning a hot tub in Timmins safe and enjoyable. The rugged Canadian north demands that a hot tub stands up to the harsh elements and Northern Hot Tubs are built for Canada with a unique 5-part insulation system. The fibreglass hot tub base is like a boat hull and protects the bottom of the hot tub from the elements. A layer of insulation between the floor and the hot tub's interior helps keep it warm. The hot tub shell is sprayed with high-density polyurethane insulation, and each water pipe is carefully wrapped with insulation. The synthetic cabinet is also lined with insulation, and a snug-fitting four-inch cover caps off the hot tub making hot tub ownership in Timmins energy-efficient and enjoyable.


Northern Hot Tubs in Timmins are sold and by Canada Hot Tub Parts. They also coordinate service and stock, sell and service parts for many hot tub brands, but specialize in Northern Hot Tubs Sudbury. Canada Hot Tub Parts ship the hot tub to Timmins and provide you with installation advice to maximize enjoyment. Northern Hot Tubs include a Wi-Fi module to allow you to operate and monitor your hot tub in Timmins from your iOS or Android smartphone. Northern hot tubs include an efficient filtration system and electronic water sanitization, making ownership straightforward. You will enjoy your hot tub in Timmins under the Northern stars, and with the included LED lighting system, you will want to soak and relax almost every day.

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