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hot tub Saskatoon

Northern Hot Tubs


2543 Dudley St, Saskatoon, SK, Canada

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Colin Enns has always had an eye for a beautiful landscape and a hand in procuring the best products to make everything come to life. When he was a student, he worked as a labourer all around the City of Bridges in Saskatoon. He beautified many homes with paving stone installations because he wanted to “give it a whirl.” Fast forward decades, and now he is also providing Saskatoon residents with whirlpool therapy in the form of hot tubs. As president and general manager of Keystone Outdoor Living, he has acquired exclusive rights to Northern Hot Tubs in Saskatoon. Enns and his team of more than 45 outdoor professionals want to implement his experience to bring you the best backyard in the neighbourhood. Northern Hot Tubs Saskatoon is your one-stop shop for all things hot tubs – including plug and play hot tubs. He keeps roughly a half dozen hot tub models on his showroom floor anytime. So next time you are driving over one of the many local bridges around town and you glance down at the water, think of Enns and his team as your bridge to bringing wellness water to your home – in the form of the perfect all-inclusive hot tub that fits the scope of your land.


Northern Hot Tubs Saskatoon takes your business very seriously. The staff doesn’t just talk about your vision for a great backyard; every representative has a vision to take your project very seriously so you will have a positive experience. That’s why they handle every aspect of your house project in-house – every single paver step of the way to your hot tub. Enns realized long ago that people in Saskatoon don’t call each sub-trade contractor for their venture. With Northern Hot Tubs Saskatoon, there’s no need to worry about hiring various experts for a custom backyard endeavour. He wants to provide you with the best service possible by installing your pavers, delivering your hot tub, and wiring it to the correct electrical needs that are up to the 240-volt code that all high-end hot tubs require. “We have been responding to whatever people wanted and needed,” Enns says. “Our vision is to breathe fresh air and operate with integrity.” Northern Hot Tubs Saskatoon wants customers to work with its staff more than outsiders. It’s the driving force to ensure they are good at what they do. If you have any questions about anything about your hot tub purchase/delivery/setup/installation/care, you have one company to contact, not dozens. It’s a niche market that Enns and his team have been in for a very long time. This means that all you need to do is focus on the rest and relaxation your Northern Hot Tub will provide you.


Hot Tubs and Saskatoon fit hand in glove because they both connect people. You know how friendly the 300,000 prairie residents can be. Whether you work in agriculture, mining, or parks and recreation, you can start conversations at the grocery store. The same thing happens in hot tubs. We know that you want an outdoor living experience, and we want to help you take advantage of the six months of summer weather you have to enjoy your pool, turf, outdoor kitchen and living spaces around your hot tub. You also can’t be pent up inside for the other six months. So, if you need a seasonal room, heated outdoor space or some type of cover so you can easily access your hot tub in the winter, Northern Hot Tubs Saskatoon is for you. People have long been asking Enns for hot tubs, and he was looking for something that provides value and support – a product he believed in. That’s why he chose to carry Northern Hot Tubs. They are built specifically for Canadians and serviced by Canadians. They come pre-packaged with all the bells and whistles you could ever want, all at a reasonable price. Enns invites you to schedule a wet test – come in and sit in a hot tub before you choose the one you want. Their staff is uniquely built to accommodate things like that, and they will talk you through the process and educate you on how easy Northern Hot Tubs are to enjoy. You will be assigned a project coordinator to communicate all the important dates and facts you need to know about taking delivery of your Northern Hot Tub. Once you have it onsite, they will act courteously throughout the entire process and ensure they leave the site clean – with a beautiful new addition to your landscape.

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