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Northern Hot Tubs


5026 Highway 21, Port Elgin, ON, Canada

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Hot tubs in Kincardine can now be purchased from Bruce County Leisure Products, which is owned and operated by Jim Elliott in Port Elgin. Healthy living can be enhanced with a hot tub in Kincardine, and there is no better brand suited for the harsh Canadian climate than Northern Hot Tubs. Our 5 part hot tub insulation system includes a Nordic 4" cover, polyurethane insulation on the shell, individually insulated plumbing, insulation around the cabinets inside the perimeter, and an insulated floor. Northern Hot Tubs Port Elgin knows that winters can be cold in Kincardine and across Bruce County, which is why we even install a backup heat source should it ever be required. As installing a hot tub in Kincardine will expose the hot tub to a considerable amount of snow, we recommend placing it as close to the home as possible to make it easy to get in and out and clear a path through the snow.


Kincardine is a vibrant community ripe with amenities for all. Owning a hot tub in Kincardine is an exhilarating outdoor experience and can lead to a healthier lifestyle, including stress relief and improved sleep. Talk to the experts at Northern Hot Tubs for expert advice, including hot tub selection and placement. Kincardine hot tub shoppers benefit from working with local professionals who know the area and the climate. Be sure to take advantage of our free in-home consultation service, where we will provide expert advice in regard to placement, orientation, cover remover clearance, step position, privacy, windbreak and more. Kincardine hot tub buyers agree that correctly installing their hot tub leads to increased use and enjoyment, so be sure to do your homework, and it will pay. If you have the good fortune of living and working in Kincardine and are in the market for hot tubs or plug and play hot tubs, Northern Hot Tubs offers a well-built, well-equipped, all-inclusive and sensibly priced hot tub package for you to enjoy for years to come.

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