hot tubs made for collingwood


Residents of Sault Ste Marie can now easily buy a hot tub in Sault Ste Marie online or through local hot tub service and repair company SJ Maintenance Services. The cold northern climate of the north lends itself to using a hot tub year-round, and with so many choices on the market, it is sometimes overwhelming to know what to buy. Owner operator / Jerry Down has been in servicing hot tubs in the area for several years and has become familiar with what hot tubs can stand the test of time. The well-built nature of a Northern Hot Tub compelled Jerry to partner with the company and offer Sault Ste Marie customers a hot tub that is energy-efficient and will stand up to Sault Ste Marie's climate. If you are replacing an old hot tub or buying a new one, be sure to take advantage of in-home service with professional advice.

On top of being well-built and energy-efficient, a Northern Hot Tub has all the equipment and options that you will want and more. Owning and maintaining a hot tub in Sault Ste Marie is straightforward with a Northern Hot Tub. Efficient filtration is achieved by programmable micro filtration with surface skimming and a self-cleaning floor. A built-in gravity drain makes periodic draining and refilling your hot tub as easy as it gets. Our recommended weekly maintenance routine will help ensure that your hot tub water remains clean, clear and safe for you and your family. If you ever need your hot tub in Sault Ste Marie and the surrounding area serviced, you have the comfort of knowing that SJ Maintenance Services has the experience to expertise to assist you.